Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Day Of Freedom...Somewhat!! :-)

Today is my last full day of being able to do what I want when I want. What I mean by that is, having kids who are 5-15 years old, you don't really have to prepare as much to go somewhere. You can get up and go, no diaper bags to pack, no making sure it is warm enough or the weather is going to cooperate with you when you go outside. I don't have to worry about that now. But after Wednesday or Thursday, I have to check the weather reports very carefully and make sure that if I have to go somewhere, it will be okay weatherwise.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Once we come home, we are in the house for the first 2 weeks. Not going anywhere, anyone who visits will have to take an immediate trip to the restroom and wash their hands AND use hand sanitizer before coming anywhere near the baby. Anyone showing the tiniest sign of a cold will not be allowed around her. No kisses or nothing like that. The 1st time we go out will be to the doctor and then right back home and the next time we go out will be about a month after that, maybe sooner, but only to a family members house, if even that.

Today is going to be a day of cleaning the house and getting my hair done and making sure the kids are packed and ready to go to grandmas house. As when I leave out the doctors house, I will be going straight to the hospital and will not be coming home until we are discharged. I'm still praying for a hospital stay of 2 days max. I can do 3 days, but if it goes into 4, then I may have to consider signing out AMA!! LOL Just joking. I just have so many things to do this week and staying in the hospital past Thursday is not going to be a fun thing to do.

Taylor has been behaving since my last post, she's been moving, but has obviously dropped very low. Last night was very difficult to walk or even turn over in bed, have you ever taken 3 minutes to switch from laying on your back to on your side? Or have you witnessed it? If not, that was me last night. It was not fun at all.

I am also starting to get nervous, as I do not handle physical pain all that well. Emotional pain...I can get through...but physical pain is where the strong, stubborn, and sometimes bitchy me can turn into a wuss!!! I'm sure I can get through it, until those last 15 minutes. Then I'm going to be asking for an epidural or something, but of course it wil be too late then. I'll already be 9 1/2 cm's...will start pushing against docs advice not to push ( can push at 9 1/2 cm and not necessarily tear your cervix!! But sometimes you can tear it). I'm just nervous about the pushing process, I'm a quick one. I am not one of those that take 30 minutes to push. When I push, be ready to catch!! But I'm sure Dr S knows that by now. This is my 3rd pregnancy with him and will be the 2nd delivery. So he knows how quick I am. I just hope he makes it on time or is on call. Or..maybe Dr McGuire will be on call. I'd love to have that, she looks like she passes out Epidurals for Halloween!!! So I'll be hoping for that as well.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going the Cervadil only route, that takes about 12 hours on me and I'm all set to go. Not that much pain and so easy. But the Cervadil and Pitocin route can get pretty hectic and that's where the pain meds are going to play a factor. It's quicker...only about 8 hours for me to go from 2cm-9 1/2cm. And the quicker I deliver, the quicker I get out of that place. So maybe I will go the Cervadil/Pitocin route, just to get out the hospital quicker. I feel so very sorry for whoever is in the room with me!! LOL

Have to run, have to get ready as my mother is on her way to do my hair and have breakfast with us. Then I have a full day of cleaning before relaxing. Take care and I'll try to post either tonight or in themorning before I go to the doctor. That will be my last post until Wednesday at the earliest.