Thursday, October 2, 2008

Had To Consolidate Blogs!!

I realized I had 3 blogs hosted with the same email address, when I would go in to post on one, the order would be messed up and I'd post to the wrong one. So I'm going to make this one strictly about Taylor. I'll have to find a rarely used email address to host my personal one and my work one.

Woke up too early today, this is even after going to sleep around 10pm, my energy is just sapped right now. I can wake up at 6 or 6:30 in the morning, take a nap somewhere in the day and still pass out at 10pm. I know that this means that I'm at the end of my pregnancy. My mother says my body is gearing up for labor, I hope so, as while I love being pregnant and want to bake my little princess for a few more days. I am absolutely so sick of being sick, tired and I'm sure those around me cannot wait for me to get back to my normal self. I am so quick to go off these days, I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. Only a few more days left.

Taylor was quite busy this morning, she let me know that she was hungry, so I fed her a donut and some orange juice. Not the best breakfast in the world, but she's happy as she's stopped moving. I've noticed a pattern with her, she won't really move until it's time for me to eat or once I start eating she will start to move a bit afterwards and then be out like a light. She isn't on the schedule she used to be on anymore, seems like things have moved back an hour or so. I'm stil trying to figure out her new schedule. I know this schedule isn't going to stick because as soon as she is born, the hospital follows a 9-1-5-9 feeding schedule. We shall see.

Will post more later, have to go and take this final exam.