Friday, October 17, 2008

Tea!! Tea & More Tea!!

Today is going to be a day full of drinking nothing but Tea!! Which ironically happens to be my nickname!!! Whatever I've come down with hit full force today. This is so not what I wanted. I'm set to give birth (finally) on Monday night or early Tuesday morning. It has been set, my doctor confirmed with me late last night that he has booked the Birthing Suite for us and we are all set to go whenever we check into the hospital. So either Monday night or very early Tuesday morning, I'll be a new mama again!! However, the timing of this really stinks as if I'm not over this cold or sinus thing I much as I hate to say it. I will not give my baby girl that first kiss that I've given to all my children. If I'm really sick when I go in, then I even doubt the hospital staff will even let me hold her and that will just get to me so much. So we will see what happens. Everyone in the house has had this cold. Like always, I'm the last to get it..whatever it is. I think cold, as everyone has had it. Why would people get sinus infections at just about the same time?

It's really quick and fast moving though. J was down for about 2 days, this is day #1 of where I'm really feeling like crap. So I'm hoping by late tommorrow night it will be all done with. And can hold my baby girl, I'll hold off on the kissing though for a few more days. Want to make sure I'm completely over this thing. I have to go and stock up on Hand Sanitizer and Hand soap this weekend. Or just buy a really big one when I go out today.

Back to the Tea thing. I've finally found the box of 100 tea bags that have been hidden since we moved in. Turns out they were in the drawer of one of the older kids. I very rarely drink Tea, so he figured he'd hold on to it. But today, I'm going to get myself a nice little Tea mug and get to drinking. I know it won't do anything, but it will make me feel somewhat better. I had no plans today, so it will be nothing but go and pick up a Tea mug, some hand sanitizer and hand soap and whatever I don't have and then I'm back in the house, drinking Tea and resting.

Only a few more days before I am holding my baby girl. Due to things that Papa has to do with his nephews, and the simple fact that I am impatient as heck and want to hurry up and get back home and get into a routine. I have decided to do the Cervadil and Pitocin thing!! Yeah...I'm brave!! I figure she'll be born sometime shortly before or after midnight (I'm hoping before) and if the Blood Pressure issue has gone away, then I'll be home Wednesday. If not, then Thursday. We need to get her out at a decent time so Papa can handle his duties with his nephews!! :-) I'm hoping like heck when I get checked on Monday, I'll be about 3cm and will only have 7 more to go. Give me the Pitocin and Cervadil...I don't care!! Just have that Stadol or Epi right there next to it and ready to go!!

Will try to post more later!! Take care!!