Saturday, October 4, 2008

Busy Day, No Posts Until Tuesday or Wednesday

Today is a busy day, we are moving to thenew place in a few hours. Those helping us move are going to be here at about 9:30 or 10am. So after this post, I will not be able to post until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Taylor is doing good, on a different schedule that seems to be an hour later than her previous schedule. We made it to 37 weeks today, and for that I am thankful. Now I know that when I see the doctor on Tuesday, he's going to try to squeeze one more week out of me, that's all he's going to get. 38 weeks is a safe point and I've delivered a baby at 38 weeks and he's 5 years old.

Pap Joe's big game is tonight, if they win, they go to the league Championship next week. I'm trying to hold off on delivering until they win the Championship. Yes, I said win!! :-) I wished him Good Luck this morning, so I'll come back on Tuesday or Wednesday and let you all know if they won or not.

Well, I really have to go now. Help should be here in the next 30 minutes or so, just got a call from them and they are on their way.

Until then!!