Thursday, August 14, 2008

What A Night!!! Had Fun Though!!

Last night was very eventful!! First I was attempting to watch the Olympics and came out of the room for something. I got to talk to the coolest guy out of Massie for a few minutes and got the confirmation that he's coming to Chicago in a few weeks. Good...I have not seen him in years!! Almost 5 to be exact!! And it's odd, that the last time I saw him, I was expecting (had just found out a few days before) and now I'm expecting again (due in a few weeks). Weird!! :-) But it will be good to see him. I shut the computer off for a few minutes and then figured I had some more work to do, so I turned it back on. I was talking to my mother on the phone and noticed a flicker in the lights. I thought "Oh, it's the wiring!". The wiring in this place stinks big time. It happened about 3 more times and then the lights just go completely out. Not just the light that was flickering, but every single light in the neighborhood. Everything north of 63rd street that is. They were out by Damen and possibly farther. I couldn't see East and I know they were out to the North as well, but do not know how far up North.

I got a few "Are you okay calls?". Yeah, I was okay. Me and the kids made a fun night out of it. The lights went off shortly before 8:45pm and we had 2 hours of sheer fun. It's amazing how much fun you can have in the dark, when you are forced to shut off the tv and computers. We couldn't do anything but sit in the dark and enjoy ourselves. I'm sure we offended a few neighbors last night, but OH WELL!!! :-) We had fun. Someone from downstairs or next door would make a stupid comment about the lights and me being the vocal person I am, I would make a few corresponding comments. Keep in mind, I was sitting right on the other side of a window that faces the front of the house. So I know they heard me. I resorted back to a teen last night and was about to egg someone's car or someone, but I had to pull it back to being an adult!! It would have been fun though. I haven't egged someone or something in years. We laughed the entire 2 1/2 hours of the blackout. Of course, Com-Ed being the jerks they are, took their sweet time. I voiced my opinions on Com-Ed and the Chicago Police Department as well during this blackout.

I also voiced my opinion on the "Family" down the street. There were 2 fire engines that were simply turning down this street to go back to their station. Of course they had to have full lights on. No sirens were on, just all their lights. So, this "Family" started cheering like they were going to assist in getting the lights turned back on. were going back to the station to enjoy their own electricity (they have back up generators). They were clapping and cheering, the people down on this end of the street and on the next street let them know what they thought of their clapping and cheering. Only in Chicago!! :-) You have to love Chicago. I love it, but my time here is fastly coming to a close!! Just a few short months and we are out of here!! :-)