Friday, August 8, 2008

I need to get back to this blogging thing!!!

I've been so busy lately that I have not blogged on here since July 20th. I can't remember when the last time I blogged on either of my Myspace profiles. It's been a pretty hectic past few weeks for me.

I keep going back and forth with the decision on rather to compete in Pageants or audition/run a dance team. I've been asked to run a semi-pro dance team for a local semi-pro football team, but could not do it this season. So we are considering doing it next season. I don't know when this opportunity will come up again, so I may jut take it when it comes. Also interested in auditioning for one of two teams in the area. One audition is in March of 2009 and the other will be held in June or July of 2009. The one in March of 2009 seems a bit easier, but is in a different county, it's at least an hour drive back and forth. The other one is more difficult to go through and is based here in the city. The football team I've been asked to run a dance team for is in a closer county and is easy to get to. Who knows? I can't honestly make a decision until after October.

Well, if you have not visited my main Myspace profile, you should!! :-) Explains why I'm waiting until October to make the decisions that I've been talking about. Won't post it here, but if you are on my Myspace friends list, then you know all about it.

Have to run now!!