Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy, Busy!!

Today is going to be another busy day of sititng at the doctors office for a few hours, then coming home to laundry and work!! Have to remind myself to get started on the league. I haven't done league work in quite some time, so I must get started on that again. Woke up with a major migraine!! Can't take anything for it just yet. Hope no one ticks me off today, it will be one of those days for someone if they do!! Also have to check on the mortgage guy. Saw a really cute house out in one of the South Suburbs that I want to get. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Also planning for my upcoming birthday, can't wait for it to come!! Have some good plans in store, I'll have the regular plans and then a few back up plans if certain people don't come through. That's how I am, I don't wait for people to do things, if they say they are going to do them and don't, then I always have a backup plan.