Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi To All My Fans!!

I see that I have some new fans!! :-) I seem to ruffle feathers regardless of where I go, ask me if I care. People know that I am opinionated as hell and say what's on my mind. I don't mince words for anyone or to spare anyone's feelings. If I have something to say, then guess what?? I'm going to say it. If I don't like you, guess what? I'll let you know that I don't like you. I have a very small group of friends and for a good reason, because some women and men...regardless of their race...can be catty bitches.

I have advanced too far in my life to worry about what someone who means nothing to me has to think about me. I say what is on my mind, when it is on my mind. If you don't like it, ignore me, but guess what I'll always be the way I am. Opinionated, but cool as hell. Plain and simple. I've started and still remain in some very succesful businesses and will not let someone who has no purpose in life get to me. When she:

* Can start not one, not two, but over 3 successful businesses
* Can be named as the President of not one...but two regional Semi-Pro sports leagues and turn one of them into a NATIONAL sports league
* Can overcome what I have overcome in the last year alone

Then she can get at me. Until then, she needs to stay in a jealous bitches place!!

With that said. Tommorrow, I'll be back to my regular blogging!! :-) Now do some of you see why I don't post pics of my family and kids all over the place, because of psychotic bitches like Happy2BaNappyHoe!!

With that said...someone tried to pull my card today!! But guess what, she isn't shit to me. And yes, I said she isn't shit to me. She's nothing but a straight slut in my book and she can run and tell whoever I said it. Whatever happens after I publish this, oh well...can't please everyone.

She's a straight slut and is using a board like BBC to furtehr her own freakiness. Now, I dont' knock anyone for doing what they do because I do what I do and have done what I done. But BBC (Babycenter.com a place for pregnant women and mothers) is not a place to proudly announce that you like F*****G the S**t out of females!!! It's not a place to find your next sexual conquest..reather it be male or female. Now, I'm all for doing what makes you happy. But there are places for things like that.

People like Happy2BaNappyHoe are ruining good sites like BBC to further their own freak-filled games!! There are places like CL or AFF to find a freak like yourself. Why stoop so low as to go to a site like www.babycenter.com to get your rocks off is beyond me!!! But I guess you can't turn a Hoe into a housewife!!