Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost Time!!

Pretty soon, I'll be shutting down for about a week or two. Have to spend some time with the L.O once she gets here. I'll try to only update my blogs and my 08 Mamas, and do school related work. I found out that I have a little over 8 weeks of required time left before the Dr can even entertain the thought of having me checked in early. I realized this last night as I was talking to Papa-Joe about the cost of a swing and the "Cage" LOL!!! It made me realize that we have to get on a strict schedule and follow the heck out of it. I"ll make the "To Do" list when I get back from the grocery store. The hard thing is following it!!

Also found out that K.A.F is not doing so well, it is not my place to say who she is or what is wrong with her. But if you are on BBC, then you know her story and have been following it. I was looking for an update before I went to sleep. I guess I"m on a different time thing than her parents are. I'm sending prayers out to her.

Also heard from my girl Monica, her and Baby K are doing good. Will post more later.