Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not Feeling So Well!!

Today I woke up a bit too early, but I had some things that needed to be done super early. I realized that I was better off staying in bed. I had a slight fever a majority of the day, a sore throat and later on in the day I had body aches. It was funny because immediately after I came in, I spent about an hour on the net, watched "I Love MOney" and went to sleep and slept for almost 6 hours straight. That's how I get when I'm getting sick. I feel somewhat better now and just have to take things easy for a bit.

This week is going to be somewhat busy, as the A.D.T man is coming tommorrow to do a walk through so that we can get this place secured. I'm interested in learning what he has to say. I think I've found all the weak spots in this place, but I'm sure he'll find something else. Have plans for a nice little security system here. It will be a good investment for the next few months.

Also, have plans on getting a new car within the next few weeks. I've been looking at the Chevy Impala, but I'm sure when I get to the lot, that I'll see something else I want. I have to stay away from the Escalade's. I love those, but that is something that I cannot handle right now.

Heard from Miss Monica again today. I have to send her some more pics. She doesn't think that I have grown. Yeah, sure!! I've grown a bit too much.

Will post more later.