Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Wish I had A Camera

My..My..My...I wish I had a camera today. Taylor just looks so adorable in her pink outfit today. I wanted to wash her hair today, but it's quite cold outside and in the house (trying to get it warm now), plus she's been I think I will wait. She would have had her curly afro thing going on today if I had washed it.

She is also a very smiley baby...I know I keep telling you that. But she will smile at anything and anyone. Once I get a camera, then I'll be snapping pictures of her everyday. Everyone is missing out on so much with her.

She will be 4 weeks and 1 month on Monday. Time is going by so fast. I cannot wait until we are in the final countdown for her 1st bithday party. Still debating on what to do for that day. Knowing me...I'll just go for a really fancy party at home. Although, the kids who will be attending will want Chuck E Cheese for the games and stuff. I don't know, we have to figure it out and set money to the side.

Have to go now...time for a feeding. Will check in later.