Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday!!

So got home yesterday and didn't get a chance to have/make that big Sunday dinner. Was planning on buying everything from the store by the house, but it was closed surprisingly early and the only transpo available had already left. So the big dinner yesterday was "Crap-Donalds". I swear I am so tired of their "Fake Beef". I should have gotten a chicken sandwich.

But anywho, Taylor sucked on some french fries from mc-donalds yesterday and seemed to love them. I started her big brother J on french fries when he was 3 months. Later on in the night she started to have problems with her teeth. She had her fingers way back in her mouth and was gumming them to death. She also gummed my hand to death when I had her sitting on my lap. I'm starting to think she's getting some teeth any day now. She also had a fit because I wouldn't feed her on demand and made her wait 3 hours to eat. She had just finished a 6 ounce bottle a few hours ago and 2 hours later was trying to get some more. But I made her wait at least 3 hours before I fed her 4 more ounces. Then she slept from about 8:30pm-10pm and then she was up, before I changed her and played with her for an hour and put her back to bed and she was out until at least 8am this morning. She woke up and was changed, played with her big brother D while I made her a bottle. She ate, played some more and has been sleep for about 30 minutes now.

I have been thinking about a lot of things with her. One- Should I get her ears pierced now or wait until she asks for them to be pierced? Two - What to get her for her first birthday? Three- What should we do for her 1st birthday? I definately want her to have a party, but we don't know too many little girls, so it would be mostly the people in our families and most of our friends and their kids. We shall see, only 8 more months to go before it happens.