Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rocker Princess Photo

In my last post I mentioned that I had entered Taylor in an Online pageant that I had participated in before, and I said something about a "Rocker Princess" photo. I went back into the archives of this blog and found the photo and here it is:

It looks like she is saying "Rock On Dude" in that photo!! So cute. Today, I am going to start adding some cereal to her formula. She just eats and eats and it is time to start adding it on a regular basis.

Did not get my cell phone yesterday, Oh pics until I can find a digital camera. I have several windows open now and I am doing some comparison shopping. I really want to take advantage of taking more pics of the kids, which was something I have not done in the past. Heck, I may even jump in on some of them.

Take care and have a blessed Sunday. I am contemplating a big dinner today when I get home (not at home right now, we are out visiting!!!) A big Sunday dinner. Probably going to see if it can be done. Will let you know how everything turns out.