Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Silly Girl & Ear Piercing

Yesterday was a silly day for Taylor. She smiled at me anytime I said something to her and she is also quite ticklish. When I tickle her little belly, she will squirm and smile. And I forget again, but I was saying something to her and she would giggle. Also last night around 9pm I gave her a bath, put her diaper on and fed her and put her in her crib. 30 minutes later, I am laying across my bed and looking at television and I see her head pop up...actually I saw her hair..her little "Mini Fro". And I lean over the edge of the crib and she looks at me and I say to her "Little Girl, what are you doing up? It's time to go to sleep!" And she just gives me the biggest smile on the face of this earth, then she stops. Then I repeat what I just said and she smiles again. We go through this about 5 times. Then J comes in the room and asks me what I am saying to Taylor and I tell him. Then I tell him to say it to her, he does and she just looks at him crazy.

That girl has such a little personality. I am so amazed at her. Only 8 months left until her first birthday. I cannot believe it. I am wondering what to do. I want to have a Princess Party, but we haven't decided anything. I am also thinking Chuck-E-Cheese. You can't go wrong with a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party!!!! Everyone has fun...even adults. We will see.

It has been me..of course...that Taylor is going to get her ears pierced in about 2 weeks time. Granted that this cast is off and I have a walking boot or cast. Since my cast may come off on March 2nd and I'll be given some sort of walking boot....2 weeks will give me enough time to get used to walking with that thing. So everything should be okay.