Sunday, March 15, 2009

Very Busy & Okay..1 Pic

I have been very busy personally and work wise and haven't posted here since yesterday. Taylor is looking so cute today. She has two little ponytails in her head today. Her big brother D put them in for her, they totally do not go with her outfit at all. She has on a pink and white striped sleeper and the ponytail holders in her hair red and white (one is red and one is white). I'm sad to say, but she doesn't have that much hair!!! LOL!!! When I found out I was having another girl, I just knew she was going to be born with a lot of hair. People are telling me that it's short for now, but when she gets older that it is going to grow. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it does.

Taylor is feeling better today, seems to be a coming and going sort of thing. She was really better the next day, I can't remember when she last sneezed and she has no runny nose. She is just a bit cranky and chewing on her fingers on the left side of her mouth, so I am thinking a tooth is going to crack through her gums sometime soon.

She did the cutest thing today, we got Mickey D's for lunch today...I know...if you read my weight loss blog, this was so against everything. But I was sitting on the bed and had her propped up on a pillow and I just put a french fry on her pillow since she was watching me. At first, she just looked at it. But a couple of minutes later, she did the cutest thing. Me and her 2 older siblings were in the room all talking and Taylor is looking at the tv, but her left hand is going towards the fry and she is slowly pulling it towards her and she puts it right in her mouth. All this time she is still staring at the tv, she sucked on the fry for a minute. It was just too cute!!

Well as promised, here is one recent pic of Taylor. I know I said I would not put one here, but a lot of the visitors do not have Myspace or Facebook and one pic isn't going to do any damage.

She was so happy in this pic, I thought I would never get her to smile for the camera, but she was being silly baby that day I took this.