Friday, March 13, 2009

She's Got The Cooties & Spoon Feeding!!'s official...the little one has her first cold. I knew that it would eventually get around to her, everyone else has had it excpet for me. Every kid in this house has had it, her daddy is now sick and now she is sick. She sneezed like 8 times in a row and when I went to look at her face, she had a snotty (sorry about that) nose and it was all red and her eyes are all puffy and watery. I'm not even sure what to do for babies when they have colds, since they now say under 6 months of age and they get no medicine or anything. Will just take it day by day.

She had a really good lunch of Applesauce...or was it Pears?? Some Oatmeal cereal (for babies) and some formula and now she is out like a light. I'm sure it will be blowing out the other end soon!! LOL!!!

She did another cute thing today, she was blowing spit bubbles and making that sound with her mouth, so I'd do it and then she would do it and look at me. Then I'd do it, and then she'd do it again. We went back and forth like this for about 5 minutes. She wouldn't do it if I didn't, but when I did, she did. I'm wondering what else she can mimic??

Well..that is it for today. Take care and remain blessed.