Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Good Night

The little one must have been tired as heck, as she slept through the entire night. She only fussed around 5 or 6 am this morning and by the time I got back to the bedroom to bring her bottle to her and change her, she had gone to sleep and was sleep for another two hours before finally waking up.

She has had her bottle with cereal. I have also spoon fed her some cereal and apple sauce, bathed her and changed her clothes and diapers and now she is happily playing with her doll.

I have tons of new photos of her, but because of certain individuals, I will not post them here. You must be a friend of mine on Myspace or Facebook in order to see them. Sorry, but have to do what I have to do.

Today is going to be a low key day. Don't have any major outside plans. Wanted to take Taylor for a walk or go somehwere, but still do not have a stroller and it's kind of cold outside. So we are pretty much in the house for the weekend. Just waiting on a 60 degree plus day. I guess i better spin the day shopping for her Easter dress.



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