Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photo Shoot Rescheduled

I am going to reschedule the photo session for Taylor until further notice. It is going to be cold, windy and raining on Friday and plus I have an ear ache that is not going to go away before then. When I do get these things, it lasts at least a week or so. Going to be pretty cranky.

Gearing up for Taylor's first Easter. Planning a small family dinner. Was going to be a bit larger, but people forgot it was Easter or it came really quick. Anywho, Taylor is going to have a good time.

She is just advancing so much. Today I had her facing East and towards the end of the bed and within 5 minutes she had turned West and was on the other end of the bed with us. She was chewing on my pants. She is at that point now where she is watching anyone close to her eat and wants whatever it is. So far today in addition to her regular feedings (just formula and cereal, nothing else) she has eaten some crescent roll she was watching me eat and some apple pie. I also gave her a bit of my Oatmeal from this morning. She actually has Oatmeal cereal, so I didn't see a problem giving it to her. She ate whatever I gave her. She had half an Oreo cookie the other day. She was on the bed and was watching S eat one and I said "Give her one and lets see what she does!" S opened one and gave it to her and at first she laid on it. Next thing we know she has a hand full of cream and the hand went in her mouth and she was just sucking on it. Then she had some cookie in her mouth. Later on D gave her the other half of the cookie thing (brown part of Oreo) and was letting her suck on it and she had no problems with it. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing!! :-)

Have to go, pretty tired. Haven't done a stitch of work all week. Just running ragged. Take care