Sunday, April 5, 2009

Juice Yes...Sweet Potatoes No!!

I purchased the little one some additional food items the other day and I've been introducing them to her. I gave her some juice and she loved it. So far she has had two bottles of the juice and she absolutely loves it. She didn't make that funny face she normally does when she tries something new. I gave her squash again the other day and she took that first spoonful and made the face, then went ahead and ate the entire container of squash. So yesterday, I figure that it was time to move on to another food item. I got bold and attempted to do Sweet Potatoes and she was not having it. She took that first spoon and made that face that she normally does and I thought it was so funny. So I gave her some more spoons and she started to push her tongue out like "I'm so not eating this junk. What is this?". Then she sneezed and sweet potatoes went all over the place....her hair, her face, her clothes, me, the bed and the wall behind me!! LOL!!! I should have taken a picture of that. Everytime I tried to give her a spoon of that stuff, she would push it out and would not eat it. So sweet potatoes are out.

I figured they would be, because I cannot stand sweet potatoes. I ate sweet potatoe pie once about 16 years ago and got violently ill!! You name it, I was doing it. Now, I have seen some good looking pies in the time since I got sick, but I am not going anywhere near those things. I refuse to. Someone will give me a pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter and it will sit in the fridge for months!!

Anywho, today is Taylor's first Wrestlemania. That's the one wrestling program that everyone can sit and watch together and not fuss over changing the channel.

Her first photo session is this Friday. I made the appointment a few weeks ago and will take her in this Friday. I'm still trying to figure out what she is going to wear.