Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tough Start To The Week

We are only on day 3 of this and already it's a rough one, just with Taylor alone. I finally sat back and looked at all the times she's been fussy and it always seems to hit at the same times. That 3am-7am stretch is the worst. Don't get me wrong, she has her good days where she just eats and goes back to sleep during that time-frame. But the last 2 days were not like that. She seems to want to stay up during those times and we simply can't accommodate that physically. I would hate to change my sleeping pattern so that I could be up for her at that time, only to have her change it back around. Last night into this morning was the worst is has ever gotten. Taylor slept maybe 3 hours from 11pm-8am. She was doing that go to sleep and wake up 10 minutes later thing. I've been keeping her on a really good feeding schedule, so that she isn't eating more than she should. She is on the 11-3-7-11 schedule. She's sleeping like a rock now and when she wakes up, it's schedule time. Better yet, I need to wake her up at 10:30 am, bath her and feed her at 11am. I need to get her on a schedule, we were doing that, but when she goes out to B-Brook..her schedule is thrown off so much.

Also she has been super gassy lately. I mean really a poot-butt. And her stools have been off lately. Plus she spit up about 2 ounces of her 3am feeding this morning. I fed her, burped her really good and changed her diaper and picked her up to put her in her crib and I didn't even get to put her down and that 2 ounces came up. She was so cool about it, like it didn't even bother her. So she's going back down to 4 ounces until she starts to feel a bit better. Maybe we've been feeding her too much?? We'll see how she does with the 4 ounces and when she gets better, we'll go back up to 6 ounces.

She's been sporting a "Baby Mohawk" the last few days. I washed her hair and didn't brush it back down like it normally is. But I'll play with it at the top and brush it into a curly Mohawk. She's sporting it in one of the photos below, but the lighting is bad. I swear she thinks she's a "Rocker Chic". :-)

Well, I have some calls to make and some tasks to complete. I will try to post more about the day later. Take Care!!