Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008...New Year...New Start!!!

I've decided that I will be leaving all the drama and drama filled people behind in 2008. Let them live in the past. I'm all about the future and positivity.

I've been labeled "Bitchy" and a "Lunatic" because I speak my mind. So what? I'm not a person who puts on a front for anybody. What you see is what you get!! I run my life and my business how I see fit. Who I sleep with or who I'm in a relationship with is not anyone's business. If I want to share my life with someone outside of my home, then I will share that. Until then, keep your comments to yourself!!

Am I a Diva? That depends on your definition of a Diva? Am I confident in myself? HELL YES!! Do I carry myself with positivity? ALL THE TIME!!! Do I let my surroundings predict my path in this life? HELL NO!! Yes, I live in Englewood. And I'm damn proud of it. People think that if you live in certain areas, that dictates who you are as a person or what your life is about. They also tend to think that the inside of your home is raggedy or "GHETTO". My house is one of the most, if not the best...laid out homes on the block. Yes...I live in the Ghetto...but I don't let that define me.

With that said. Enjoy my blog. I will be blogging very often. Several times a day at some points.